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Industrial town project

Industrial town project

Industrial town project

Due to the large number of by-products that can be produced from the sugarcane plant, the construction program of various units of ancillary industries has been considered since 1975 in the studies of agronomic consulting engineers who consulted the construction of Karun Agro-industrial Company, but except for a few cases. , Other ancillary industries were not activated. In 1394, after reviewing the documents and explanatory reports, the construction of these units was considered again and for the first time, the company proposed the construction of a specialized sugarcane industrial town, which after approval by the Agricultural Bank of Iran as a shareholder, the steps to obtain the necessary permits from organizations. And the relevant organs began.

Some of the benefits of constructing a sugarcane industrial town are as follows:

Direct and indirect job creation
Creating economic prosperity in the region
Use of unused capacities in the field of sugarcane industries
Possibility of creating and increasing non-oil exports
Efforts in the direction of the resistance economy desired by the Supreme Leader
Self-sufficiency in the production of abundant products and no need for foreigners
Currency savings due to no import of products
Maximum productivity of strategic sugarcane crop and creating abundant added value
Employing specialized forces in the form of knowledge-based companies

For this purpose, in the first phase of the construction of this industrial town, 100 hectares of lands next to the industrial camp of this company have been considered and the steps of obtaining inquiries for setting up the mentioned town from 1994 to 1996 have been done with the cooperation of Khuzestan Industrial Towns Company.

In this plan, Karun Agro-industry Company is committed to providing investors with a justified production plan, basic facilities including land, water, electricity, gas, raw materials from sugarcane and sugar (molasses and bagasse) and و Agricultural Bank will also provide facilities up to 150 billion rials if there are conditions for each project.

Considering that more than 170 different products can be obtained from sugarcane and its by-products, it is predicted that with the support of the authorities and the presence of domestic and foreign investors, a significant economic prosperity in the northern region of Khuzestan, especially the cities of Shushtar, Gotvand, Dezful and Shousha have been created and suitable employment can be obtained from this place.

It should be noted that so far, several applicants who have a license from the Mining Industry and Trade Organization for products related to sugarcane and sugar, have been introduced to this company to deliver land and start working; According to forecasts, about 23 different companies in the fields of chemical, cellulose, food and service industries, in a total area of ​​۱۰۰ hectares, will be active in the first phase of this industrial town. In addition, the ground is required to operate the second phase in the same place.

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